Many of our products are eligible for
retrofit and new construction rebates.

Utility rebates can lower the up-front cost of new energy-efficient lighting. Rebates are offered by utilities in response to individual state public utilities commission (PUC) established energy savings goals as an alternative to new power plant expansion. Utilities in nearly every state offer rebates for LED lighting. The programs are aggregated in the federal DSIRE (database of state incentives for renewable and efficiency) and local utility sites.

Rebates generally fall under two categories; prescriptive or custom. Prescriptive rebates provide a predetermined dollar amount for each fixture replaced. Custom rebates are based upon the total energy saved for a specific project and are intended to provide rebates for approved fixtures not covered by prescriptive programs. The application process usually requires pre-approval, more documentation, and offer varying incentives based upon location and customer type. Custom rebates can pay up to 75% of total project cost and can pay for high efficiency fixtures not listed with Energy Star or DLC.


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