LED Lowcountry provides energy efficient lighting solutions for commercial and industrial facilities throughout coastal South Carolina and Georgia. We help businesses dramatically lower energy and maintenance costs while delivering superior lighting for less. Take the first step towards a brighter future by scheduling your energy audit today.

Energy Lighting Advantages You Can See….On Your Bottom Line

The right lighting can save you money, eliminate maintenance costs and improve working conditions. Most commercial facilities that we visit today have two things in common-burned out lights in hard to reach places and lights on with nobody around.

Lighting accounts for 40% or more of the electricity that you use. Whether new construction or retrofit, the cost of a facility upgrade can save you more than you may think. Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at what today’s LED technology can do for your bottom line.

Featured Case Studies

Energy-efficient LED high bays deliver light and savings for D-BAT Indian Trail in Charlotte

Customer Name: D-BAT Indian Trail
Location: 13707 E Independence Blvd, Indian Trail, NC 28079
Application: More than 100 foot candles of light throughout the batting cage areas; Flex Lighting Solutions high performance high bay 
Energy Efficiency: +61%
Maintenance Efficiency: +100%
Annual Operating Savings:
Operating Savings Over 10 Years:
Payback Period (Years):
1.8 Years

“The LED lights in our facility are the best that I have seen anywhere. Being able to give our customers high quality lighting to see pitched baseballs is second to none.”
— Jeff Churchich, Owner of D-BAT Charlotte

Port City Logistics Saves with LED Lowcountry

Customer Name: Port City Logistics
Location: Recently completed 180,000 sq. ft. facility in Savannah, GA
Application: We designed a lighting system that delivers the recommended light levels throughout the facility. To do so, we increased the fixture count from 143 to 205 and installed fixtures equipped with aisle lenses that direct the light to the floor. The increased fixture count did not mean a bigger electric bill. By installing high performance LED fixtures equipped with a motion sensor, we increased efficiency by 83%.  


Capital outlays are always an important factor when considering a lighting upgrade. Port City Logistics decided to take advantage of our Efficiency-as-a-Service program. The new lights are paid for through a fixed percentage of the metered electric savings. The upgraded lighting improved lighting, reduced electric costs, eliminated maintenance costs while leading to greater safety and improved operations. Problem solved.

  • The Zero Capital Outlay

  • Immediate Payback

  • 7 Year Service Period

  • 10 YR Savings: $257,775

Recent Projects

BJWSA now has a highly efficient and environmentally friendly lighting system that will deliver superior lighting for many years maintenance free. Better light for less — a lot less.

Customer Name: BJWSA
Location: Okatie, SC
Application: Convert all major facilities to energy efficient LED. ighting solutions included dimmable LED troffers interfaced with occupancy and daylight harvesting controls, high performance LED tubes for maintenance areas, ballast bypass lamps for plant fixtures, and exterior site lighting lamps. 
Energy Efficiency: +68%
Maintenance Efficiency: +100%
Ten Year Operating Savings: +$286,526
Payback (years): 2.7

The finished product is great, going into any facility and NOT seeing a light fixture that requires attention is a WOW factor for the maintenance dept. We can spend our valuable time on more important predictive maintenance tasks knowing we won’t have to worry about failing lamps. The energy savings alone made this a no-brainer and valuable project for all stakeholders. We enjoyed the swift project completion and organization performed by LED Lowcountry.
— Al Legarè of BJWSA, Director of Maintenance & SCADA

Sun City Hilton Head's Woodworkers Guild has more Light, Saves on Energy Costs


Customer Name: Woodworkers and Modelmakers Guild
Location: Sun City Hilton Head
Application: Our lighting layout team designed a solution that delivers 60 foot candles of light in the work areas-a 43% improvement. We recommended a high performance high bay by Flex Lighting Solutions. The Flex fixture uses 47% less electricity and lasts 10 times longer than the metal halide fixture that was replaced. The Flex fixture is equipped with a rotating outer module that was utilized to direct light where needed most. The old fluorescent tubes were replaced with high performance ballast bypass 4’ and 8’ safety coated tubes. 
Energy Efficiency: +61%
Maintenance Efficiency: +100%
Annual Operating Savings: $4,822
Operating Savings Over 10 Years: $48,220
Payback period (Years): 2.5

The results are dramatic and membership enthusiastic about the new lights! Members report reduced mistakes and a sense of improved safety when working with equipment. We appreciate the professional and well organized work of LED Lowcountry.  
— Dick Herrin, Sun City Woodshop administrator

The Colleton River Club Saves on Maintenance and Energy Costs


Customer Name: Colleton River Club
Location: Bluffton
Application: Retrofitting one for one over 100,000 square-foot clubhouses, the golf learning center teaching bays, cart storage areas, course maintenance facilities, fitness and landscape up lighting. 
Energy Efficiency: +70%
Maintenance Efficiency: +100%
Annual Operating Savings: $34,459
Operating Savings Over 10 Years: $344,590
Payback period (Years): 1.9


“It was common sense to move to LED lighting on a number of fronts. Icing on the cake was how LED Lowcountry worked around our operating schedule and never missed a beat. The transition to LED lighting was seamless.”
— Timothy M. Bakels, GM/COO Colleton River Club

LED Lowcountry Helps Boys & Girls Club Save Money Every Year

unnamed (1).jpg

Customer Name: Boys and Girls Club of Bluffton
Location: Bluffton
Application: LED Lowcountry designed a lighting system that reduced energy consumption by 72% and increased light levels to Class III high school standards. We retrofit classrooms and common areas with LED tubes and lamps that are efficient and maintenance free. Additional savings were achieved with classroom occupancy sensors and exterior LED fixtures equipped with functioning photocells.    

Energy Efficiency: +75%
Immediate Payback
Maintenance Reduction: 100%

“We can see clearly now. The lights are bright and everyone was very caring, helpful, and professional.”
— Molly Hornbeak, Director Boys & Girls Club of Bluffton

LED Lowcountry Lights Up Belfair Plantation


Customer Name: Belfair Plantation
Location: Bluffton, SC - Clubhouse, Golf Pro Shop, Kitchen, Common Areas
Application: LED Lowcountry recommended a lighting solution that would efficiently deliver the desired light level in a warm and consistent color temperature with full dimming capability. We offered a single source solution for consistency and ease of warranty management. High color rendering index lamps were installed throughout the clubhouse to reproduce the true colors of merchandise and fabrics.  Dimming controls were installed in the golf pro shop and common areas.

Energy Efficiency: +80%
Maintenance Efficiency: 100%
Annual Operating Savings: $22,308
Operating Savings Over 10 Years: $223,080
Payback Period (years): 1.5


LED Lowcountry Lights Up Hidden Cypress

Customer Name: Hidden Cypress
Location: Sun City Hilton Head
Application: Installation of 136 new LED fixtures and lamps. The new LEDs will provide maintenance free lighting for 50,000 hours and longer. All of the LED lights are dimmable-an important feature in restaurant and multi-purpose areas.
Energy Efficiency: +73%
Annual Energy Savings: $21,000
Payback Period (years): 1.4




LED Lowcountry & Flex Lighting Solutions - A Winning Combination

Customer Name: Crown Logistics
Location: Morgan Lakes Industrial Blvd
Savannah, GA
Application: New Construction Interior
Warehouse High Bays, Exterior Wall
Packs, Office LED Troffers, and
Emergency Exit Signage.
Energy Efficiency: +79%
Annual Energy Savings: $15,563
Annual Maintenance Savings: $1,463
Rebate: $18,800
Payback Period (years): 1.3
10 Year Savings: $170,266

New Construction

Customer Name: Port City Logistics
Location: 195 Nordic Way
Savannah, GA
Application: New Construction
Warehouse High Bays, Exterior Wall
Packs, Office LED Troffers, and
Emergency Exit Signage.
Energy Efficiency: +78%
Annual Energy Savings: $23,368
Annual Maintenance Savings: $2,123
Rebate: $25,000
Payback Period (years): 1.0
10 Year Savings: $254,917

Retrofit Construction

Customer Name: Port City Logistics
Location: 250 Jimmy DeLoach Pkwy,
Savannah, GA
Application: Retrofit
Warehouse High Bays, Exterior Wall
Packs, Office LED Troffers, and
Emergency Exit Signage.
Energy Efficiency: +80%
Annual Energy Savings: $23,068
Annual Maintenance Savings: $1,596
Rebate: $10,200
Payback Period (years): 2.8
10 Year Savings: $246,657

“LED lighting is the wave of the future-it has been a huge benefit for us. The savings have been in the neighborhood of 65-75%-a no brainer when it comes to operating  business.”
— Billy Robinson, CEO


“The idea was to not only save money but to improve lighting. The LED lighting is exceptional-bright, clean and uniform.”

Mick McDonough, Owner


“LED Lowcountry did all the rebate paperwork for us. We got the rebate check back in a timely manner and it was much larger than anticipated.”

Meg Utley, Business Manager


“LED Lowcountry did a great job for us. We converted our shops & showrooms to LED.
We financed the upgrade with the savings-much better light without going out of pocket.”

Berry Edwards, Owner


“We switched to LED because we were tired of changing out burned out bulbs. LED Lowcountry is easy to work with and we  get things quickly.”

Terry Sundling, Owner